Bell Pepper Ragout

Our delicious FELIX pepper ragout with crispy onion and pepper pieces and a delicious tomato sauce is an ideal addition for grilled steaks and spits. But it is also delightful as a dip for potatoes, tacco chips and co!


Recipe Suggestions

Pizza „Amatricana"

Preparation: Take some pizza dough and spread it with FELIX pepper ragout, put some salami slices, artichokes, chopped champignons, pepper slices as well as green and black olives on it and dredge it with oregano. Afterwards put some mozzarella on it and drizzle it with olive oil.



Poached Eggs „Lisboa“
Preparation: Put some eggs carefully into vinegar water and poach it 4 minutes. Put some toast in whisked egg and roast it slowly in butter. Afterwards put the poached eggs on the toast. Now mix FELIX pepper ragout with some dry wormwood and pour it over the eggs.


Chicken breast „Balaton“
Preparation: Season a released chicken breast with salt and pepper and roast it in butter, then spread it with oil-pepper mixture and roast it 10 minutes in the oven. Now dredge roast sauce with pepper, add some tomatoe paste and mix it. Afterwards deglaze the whole thing with white wine and chicken soup. Add some pearl onion and sweet corn then cook it and bind it with maizena. Fill up small halved green and yellow bell peppers. Finally you can dress the chicken breast with sauce, decorate it with sour cream and add the stuffed pepper and the mashed potatoes.


FELIX Pepper Ragout is available in 3 kg cans.


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