Curry Ketchup

Simply exotic and delicious!

Have a taste for the exotic?

Then FELIX Curry Ketchup is just the thing for you! The fruity sun-ripened tomatoes and spicy curry combine to make this an exquisite treat. It goes perfectly with sausages, grilled meats and French fries.

Did you know that the yellow turmeric root gives curry powder its characteristic taste and colour? FELIX Ketchup is made with love in Mattersburg in Burgenland - without preservatives, flavour enhancers or colourings and is gluten and lactose-free!

FELIX Curry Ketchup comes in a handy 450g plastic bottle.

Nutritional Values per 100 g

Energy (kJ/kcal)476/112
Fat<0,5 g
of which saturates<0,1 g
carbohydrate26 g
of which sugars21 g
Protein0,5 g
Salt1,6 g

Ingredients per 100 g

Tomatoes 49%, water, sugar, modified starch, salt, curry 1,2% (spices, iodine salt (salt, kalium iodine), starch), acid (acetic acid and citric acid), spices (containing mustard seeds), caramelised sugar, spice extract.



Good to know

- without preservatives
- without flavour enhancers
- without gluten
- without lactose
- vegetarian
- vegan

Fancy a currywurst?

Whether you are at a foodstall or at home - currywurst always tastes great and makes a change from the simple “sausage with ketchup" The FELIX Curry Ketchup provides a very special currywurst experience! It contains all the seasoning you need and is ideal for use at home.

Speaking of "delicious" - the currywurst is a genuine German speciality. It is said to have been invented in 1949 by the snack bar owner Herta Heuwer in the West Berlin district of Charlottenburg. It was from there that the currywurst began its culinary conquest.