FELIX Mayonnaise -
with free-range eggs and valueable 
rapeseed oil from Austria

Best Mayonnaise taste, free-range eggs and valueable rapeseed oil from Austria and the TOP quality of FELIX make the new FELIX Mayonnaise to an absolute taste adventure.

Whether used as topping on a slice of bread, to pimp your sandwich, toast or fries or to prepare salads, sauces or bread spreads – with the new Mayonnaise from FELIX you will get the most out of your meal.

The new Mayonnaise is available in 2 convenient packaging formats:

In the new soft-tube
The new innovative soft-tube is the most convenient packaging ever available for Mayonnaise: The soft material enables an easy and convenient taking and emptying of the tube. FELIX Mayonnaise in the soft-tube is available with 80 %, 50 % and 25% fat content.


In the favourite squeeze bottle
The handy plastic squeeze bottle with convenient flip top cap is available in the two most favourite Mayonnaise variants with 80 % and 25 % fat content.