Beef Goulash

To prepare goulash you have to have a lot of time and also a proper knowledge. The preparation requires a lot of experience for roasting the onions or cooking the meat. Goulash gets the best taste when cooked in big quantities. That's one reason why FELIX goulash convinces every goulash lover with its fantastic unique taste.

FELIX Beef Goulash is

  • without preservatives*
  • without yeast extract & flavour enhancers
  • gluten-free

FELIX Beef Goulash is available in 400 g cans.


Either use appropriate tableware for warming up the product and stir during the heating process of fill the product into a microwavable pot, put a cover on the pot and heat it up for 2 - 3 minutes (when using a 600 W device).

Our tip

Prepare FELIX goulash from beef in "Fiaker-style". To reach this you just have to warm up FELIX goulash with beef add Frankfurter, fried egg and fan-shapped cutted FELIX pickles.

*according to regulation

Nutritional values per 100 g

energy (kJ/kcal)



7,7 g

of which saturates

2,0 g


4,4 g

of which sugars

1,9 g


9,5 g


1,4 g


Beef 45%, onions, pepper, tomatoes, rape oil, water, modified starch, salt, corn flour, garlic, herbs, brandy vinegar, spices.



  • none

Good to know

without eggs
without nuts


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