Semolina Dumpling Soup

Our FELIX soup with 4 downy semolina dumplings is made after a traditional recipe  in a clear beef broth. It is not only a popular hors-d'oeuvre but also a quick and convenient snack.

FELIX Liver Dumpling Soup are

  • without preservatives*
  • without yeast extract & flavour enhancers
  • without artificial colours

FELIX semolina dumpling soup is available in 560 g cans.


Either use appropriate tableware for warming up the product and stir during the heating process of fill the product into a microwavable pot, put a cover on the pot and heat it up for 2 - 3 minutes (when using a 600 W device).

Our tip

You can refine our classic soup with some chopped fresh carrots and parsley. You have to boil them in the soup (without dumplings) soft and afterwards add the dumplings and simmer the soup for several minutes. Then cover it with cives and enjoy it! 

*according to regulation

Nutritional values per 100 g

energy (kJ/kcal)



1,9 g

of which saturates

1,0 g


5,3 g

of which sugars

<0,5 g


1,5 g


1,1 g


water, semolina dumplings 20% (water, wheat semolina, whole egg, palm fat, coconut fat, rape oil, sunflower oil, salt, wheat gluten, iodine salt, hen's egg white), onions, salt, beef extract, garlic, herbs, spice extracts, sugar, natural flavouring.



  • cereals containing gluten
  • eggs and products thereof

Good to know

without nuts


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