Commitment to environmental protection

We all bear responsibility for the environment in which we live. We at FELIX are aware of this responsibility and do a lot to protect the environment and climate and to save valuable resources.

We are committed to ensuring that our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible. In doing so, we promote the resource-conserving, efficient use of energy, water and other natural resources, continuously reduce our waste and avoid the release of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable climate protection: ARA & FELIX

As a long-standing customer of Altstoff Recycling Austria AG (ARA), FELIX makes an important contribution to active climate protection.

What does ARA do?

ARA ensures that your pasta sauce glass returns to the raw material cycle once you have enjoyed your meal. It's very simple: take your pasta sauce glass, like other recyclable packaging, to the waste material collection points. From there, glass containers and cans are picked up and sent to an environmentally friendly recycling process.

FELIX Austria actively contributes to climate protection through its partnership with ARA. This saves us 3,174 tons of CO2 per year. This corresponds to the greenhouse gas emissions of 41 million car kilometers.

In total, the separate collection and recycling of packaging material in the ARA system results in annual savings of around 530,000 tons of CO2 throughout Austria. And this sustainably relieves the burden on our environment.

Properly dispose of important raw materials

An important step in the waste cycle management is the correct disposal of packaging materials in the correct raw material collection container. By disposing of FELIX packaging correctly, you are making an important contribution to protecting our resources.

Our tip: get the new DigiCycle app! It will tell you in an instant where to properly dispose of which packaging component of our products. The app also tells you where the nearest collection bin is in your area.

We use the power of the sun!

2,652 photovoltaic panels supply us with electricity

With 1,000 kWp, FELIX Austria occupies one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the district of Mattersburg.
As a result, we will be able to generate a third of our electricity needs ourselves from 2023 - and that without emissions!

Because a big advantage of photovoltaic systems is that they do not only produce environmentally friendly electricity, the
electricity is also generated silently and free of exhaust fumes.


We are continuously reducing our waste!

We avoid as much waste as possible - here are some examples:

  • the backing paper of our labels is returned to the recycling industry and reused
  • biogas is produced from biogenic waste and reused as fuel
  • raw materials that are not suitable for production for various reasons are reused in a sensible way. For example, sugar that is not suitable for use is passed on to beekeepers as food for their bees.

Too much food ends up in the trash

Waste? Use!

That hurts!

Per capita and year, 19 kilograms of still edible food and leftovers end up in the trash in Austria. That's 43 kilograms of food worth 300 euros per household.

In the whole country, a gigantic 157,000 tons of food are simply thrown away.

That is as much as half a million people consume in a year.

We find this sad and frightening!

    Here are a few tips to help you avoid falling into the food waste trap

    • Only buy as much as you actually need.
    • Always pay attention to the correct storage of the products. On the packaging of our FELIX products we inform you about the best way to store them.
    • Use the best-before date as a guide and trust your senses! The best-before date indicates until when an unopened food product - when stored properly - retains its characteristic properties. This includes the edibility as well as the freshness, the taste, the appearance, the color, the smell or the nutritional value.
    • And here it comes! The best-before date is not a throw-away date! If the best-before date has been exceeded, it does not mean that the food has spoiled. The "guarantee" of the manufacturer has "expired", but the food can always taste good. Therefore, you should carefully test such products.
    • This is easily done with the help of three senses:
      • Look closely: Has the color or consistency changed? 
      • Smell: Does the food have a pleasant, appetizing odor? 
      • And then you can taste: Is the taste to your satisfaction?
    • If so, you can enjoy the food with a clear conscience. If not, you should refrain from eating it.
    • Use leftovers and scraps. For example, your pasta sauce glass is not empty? Please do not throw away the rest! There are many recipe ideas for leftovers. Let yourself be inspired or come up with your own delicious use of leftovers! The same applies to all leftovers: recycling is better than throwing away.
    • Even empty packaging can be reused - get inspired by our FELIX upcycling ideas!