FELIX Ready Made Meals & Soups

FELIX Ready Made Meals
& Soups

Quick & Easy

Authentic recipes, unique taste & a reduced list of ingredients!

FELIX Ready Made Meals & Soups contain NO preservatives**, yeast extract, gluten***, lactose and allergens **/***.

FELIX provides the most popular dishes from Austrian cuisine - from the traditional stuffed peppers with hearty Austrian minced meat to ravioli with meat in a fruity tomato sauce. FELIX Ready Made Meals & Soups are available in different can sizes: 400 g, 800 g and 2.9 kg.

Regionality & quality from Austria are important to us!

That's why 100% of the meat in FELIX Ready Made Meals & Soups comes from Austria*. We use 4xAT meat, which means that the animal was born and raised as well as slaughtered and butchered in Austria.

How is it possible to achieve a long shelf life even with environmentally friendly production methods?

Very simply: through heat! The ingredients are filled into the can. Then the cans go into an oversized "pressure cooker" that works using the same principle as standard household pressure cookers. The products are then gently cooked in this "pressure cooker" and preserved in the process.

*except potato goulash, lentils with bacon
**according to regulations
***except ravioli with meat