Organic Ketchup

less sugar & less salt

Healthy eating is close to FELIX's heart. That is why we have developed the first organic ketchup with reduced sugar and salt.

Experts recommend reducing your daily intake of salt and sugar.

Did you know that while high salt intake is unhealthy, most people still consume too much salt? For this reason, the WHO has lowered the maximum daily recommended amount of salt.

Less salt and sugar, same enjoyment. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients from controlled organic farming, FELIX Organic Ketchup, less sugar and less salt, releases its full fruity and sweet flavour. You can taste every single sun-ripened organic tomato!

Our FELIX Organic Ketchup, less sugar and less salt, is produced without preservatives, colourings or flavour enhancers. It is naturally rich in beneficial lycopene (9mg/100g).

FELIX Organic Ketchup, less sugar and less salt, is available in handy 435g plastic bottles and in 395g glass bottles.

Nutritional Values per 100 g

Energy (kJ/kcal)329/78
Fat<0,5 g
of which saturates<0,1 g
carbohydrate16 g
of which sugars13 g
Protein1,5 g
Salt2,1 g

Ingredients per 100 g

Tomatoes** (193 g per 100 g ketchup), sugar**, brandy vinegar**, starch**, salt, spice extracts, spices**.



Good to know

- less sugar*, less salt*
- without preservatives***
- without flavour enhancers***
- without colourings***
- without gluten
- without lactose
- vegetarian
- vegan

*30% less sugar, 25% less salt compared to FELIX Ketchup mild
** from organic agriculture
***according to regulations