Celery salad

a unique taste

For the FELIX Celery Salad, the fresh roots are washed, peeled and cut into fine strips à la julienne. We only use celery from Austria!

Refined with herbs or a sweet and sour marinade, the FELIX Celery Salad offers a tasty alternative to salads.

FELIX Celery Salad à la Julienne is available in a 580 ml jar.


Nutritional Values per 100 g

Energy (kJ/kcal)91/22
Fat<0,5 g
of which saturates<0,1 g
carbohydrate2,5 g
of which sugars1,4 g
Protein0,9 g
Salt1,3 g

Ingredients per 100 g

Celery, brandy vinegar, salt, spice extract, antioxidant citric acid and ascorbic acid, sweetener saccharin.


- celery

Good to know

Austrian celery!

- without preservatives
- without added sugar*
- without colourings
- without gluten
- without lactose

Did you know...

...celery belongs to the umbelliferae family? The tasty root tuber grows partly underground and is mainly harvested from September to November.

Our tip
Why not try a delicious "layered salad"? 
Fill a large bowl layer by layer with the following ingredients: FELIX Celery Salad (well drained), 2 finely chopped tart apples, 1 can of FELIX sweetcorn (well drained), half a leek finely chopped, 1 can of pineapple chunks (well drained), ham or smoked meat cut into strips, hard-boiled eggs cut into slices. Cover everything well with mayonnaise, sprinkle grated cheese on top to finish. Cover the salad and leave to stand in the fridge overnight!

*contains naturally occuring sugar