FELIX Salads & Vegetables

FELIX Salads
& Vegetables

for more colour on your plate

Colourful & rich in vitamins - FELIX Salads & Vegetables!

From traditional potato salads to crunchy bell pepper salads and light beetroot salads, there's always plenty of variety. Quickly find the perfect side or salad for in between meals.

The beetroot, potatoes, carrots and celery come exclusively from Austria. We rely on our long-standing partnerships with Austrian farmers.

We process the crunchy vegetables delivered to us fresh from the harvest. All FELIX Salads & Vegetables are free from preservatives, gluten and lactose.

Easier to open!

The popular salads from FELIX come in a jar with a unique lid.

This patented freshness seal, which is the only one of its kind in Austria, is easier to open than conventional lids.

No more tedious and dangerous use of utensils such as knives!