FELIX Ready Made Meals

Traditional meals with improved recipes! FELIX Ready Made Meals are

  • without preservatives*
  • without glutamate & yeast extract
  • without gluten**
  • without lactose
  • without allergens*

and will have a new, appealing design. In addition we offer an easy-to-open ring-pull-mechanism - practically!

New in our range are FELIX Beef Goulash 400 g, FELIX Ravioli with meat 400 g, FELIX Lentils with Bacon 400 g, FELIX Potatoe Goulash 400 g and FELIX Chili con Carne 2,9 kg.

How we manage it to have a long stability although we produce our products in a considerable way very simple: through heat! The ingredients get filled into cans or bags and then we put them into a huge "pressure cooker" where they are slowly and carefully cooked.

FELIX ready made meals and soups are available in cans: 400 g, 560 g, 800 g, 2,9 kg.

*according to regulation / without declarable substances
** exception: ravioli with meat 400 g

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