Perfect Sauces - from now on FELIX 
offers the matching Sauce to every Dish

Absolutely unique: The right Sauce for the right Dish

It seems so obvious but is nevertheless entirely new: From now on FELIX offers the matching sauce to every dish. This is absolutely unique. Potatoes and wraps, chicken wings, potato wedges, chicken nuggets, steaks & fish'n chips will only be perfect with the new FELIX sauces, because those sauces were made to match the dishes. It goes without saying that the sauces will taste deliciously with a variety of other dishes as well. Anything goes!

Absolutely new: Sauces you have never heard of before

All types of sauces are absolutely new in Austrian retail and offer the ultimate sensation of taste. The joghurt garlic sauce is perfect with potatoes and wraps, the mildly smoky BBQ honey sauce adds the special typical taste to chicken wings, the sweet & sour sauce is a popular classic with chicken nuggets and sour cream sauce matches potato wedges brilliantly. BBQ pepper sauce is absolutely perfect for steaks, grilled meat & Co. and Fish Fingers Sauce goes extremely well with all kinds of fish.

Absolutely practical - Convenient squeezing Bottle, easy Portioning

The handy plastic bottle enables easy portioning through easy squeezing - annoying shaking and messing are a thing of the past!

The new Sauces from FELIX - perfect for all your favorite Dishes!

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