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Pesto Tomato & Olive


FELIX Pesto Tomato & Olive provides an intense taste experience with lots of extra olives and fruity tomatoes.

The high-quality recipe is vegan, does not contain any flavor enhancers and is gluten-free.

FELIX Pesto Tomato & Olive is available in a 190g jar.

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Nutritional Values per 100 g

Energy (kJ/kcal)688/166
Fat14 g
of which saturates2,2 g
carbohydrate7,4 g
of which sugars6,2 g
Protein1,8 g
Salt1,8 g

Ingredients per 100 g

Tomato pulp 49%, black olives 16%, green olives 16%, extra virgin olive oil 8%, dried tomatoes 4%, tomato paste twice concentrated 3%, sugar, garlic, basil, acidity regulator citric acid, salt.

Since it is a natural product, it may contain core parts of olives.



Good to know

- vegan
- vegetarian
- without flavour enhancers
- without gluten
- without lactose

Recipe ideas with FELIX Pesto

With FELIX Pesto Tomato & Olive you can prepare a tasty sandwich in no time at all. Toast a baguette, spread it with FELIX Pesto Tomato & Olive and top it with grilled vegetables such as peppers, zucchini and eggplant.